Build a Flute/ Woodwind

A great site on how to make pvc flutes, fifes and piccolos. It includes a lot of helpful information as well as tested flute designs.
A step-by-step, photo illustrated guide on how to make a whistle from pvc. It also includes dimensioned drawings and sound samples of the finished instrument.
This site has a detailed description of how to make a quena, an Andean end blown flute. It also includes a few different tested dimensions for quena.
A site by a professional flute maker about making his wooden Irish flutes. He mostly uses a modern metal lathe and milling machine.
This pan flute resource page includes seven pan flute construction tutorials. Build different panflutes of varying styles and materials including the small Viking pan flute made from a single block of wood, a CPVC panflute, a flute made from wooden dowels and a panflute made of bamboo.
Try your hand at building a Cornamuse, a wooden double reed instrument which works well in a chamber music setting.
Commentary and pictures of a wooden indian flute project.
An interesting guide to the acoustics of the shakuhachi, an end blown flute.
A site on how to make yokobue, meaning transverse flute in Japanese.
A very simple and inexpensive clarinet made from pvc is the focus of this step-by-step project.
This illustrated site expalins how to build an interesting instrument which is similar to the clarinet in the way it is played. It uses a plastic bag for the reed as opposed to a traditional clarinet reed.
A written desciption of how to make a pvc flute. It includes an illustration with the flute's dimensions.
This simple pentatonic fippled flute (or whistle), made of pvc, is both easy to play and to make.
A short, illustrated guide to pvc flute making.
Information and Theory
A handy web tool used to calculate the positions of the holes on a flute.
A great resource on the history of the flutes developement and design.