Build an Acoustic Guitar

Many large, high-quality pictures are complimented by decriptions in this detailed acoustic guitar building guide.
This site includes both a short "road map" of the basic steps involved in guitar making and a very detailed description of the process with plenty of quality photographs for visual illustration.
Kathy Matsushita includes multiple, step-by-step project journals which each follow one her many instrument building projects. The site also includes resources on tools and a tutorial on the basic process used to build a guitar.
A well illustrated, step-by-step look a the hand built guitars created by luthier Mario Proulx.
A look at the construction of an amatuers first commision by a gutarist and friend. Includes quality pictures and comments by the maker.
A well illustrated guide to making a OOO style guitar.
This step-by-step guide to guitar construction is broken down into about 250 individual steps by luthier Charles A. Hoffman. Also included are photo illustrated tutorials on various segments of the process.
A study of the acoustics of a guitar during and after construction along with a build log and other resources.
A photo illustrated description, in a blog format, of an acoustic guitar being built.
The description of a cutaway acoustic guitar project by a first time builder. Photos of the major steps are included with the descriptions.
Two thorough photo gallerys of first and second time guitar building experiences.
A blog style description of various guitar building projects.
Includes the construction of four different guitars, two described in blog format, two in a slideshow.
Two very detailed photo galleries of the complete process to make a guitar body and neck.
A brief tour of a professional luthiers shop with descriptions and pictures of some of the major steps in guitar building.
This photo tour of a guitar factory shows the complete process from raw wood to completed instrument.
This site shows the simple step-by-step process to build a three-string, fretless cigar box "guitar".
Information and Theory
A wide variety of resources luthiers.
An article on the acoutic design of instruments.
This site includes three tutorials on fixing broken guitar pegheads using three different methods for different breaks and peghead types.