Build a Guitar from a Kit

A detailed journal with great pictures which covers a first time builder's experience making a Martin guitar from a kit.
Many resources focused on building kit guitars including a detailed journal for building a LMI OM kit. Also includes an overview of the basic steps in kit building, reviews of various kits and captioned pictorial tutorials for constructing a few different kit.
Detailed descriptions compliment quality pictures in this guide to the construction of a Martin guitar kit.
A photo illustrated guide to building a kit guitar presented in a step-by-step format.
A photo illustrated description of a first time builder's experience constructing a Luthiers Mercantile, Inc kit.
A detailed, step-by-step blog style journal with many pictures which covers the construction of an amatuer builder's second guitar.
A blog with plenty of pictures about an amatuer builder's experience constructing his guitars, including a Stewart-MacDonald triple-O guitar kit.
This blog style journal follows the construction of a Stewart-MacDonald kit guitar.
A blog devoted to guitar building, including a photo illustrated first time experience buidling from a kit.