Build a Harpsichord/ Virginal

This site includes a 42 photo slideshow of the construction process each with a brief description.
A virginal project with notes on both the design and construction.
A description of the construction of a virginal made entirely from discarded materials. More information on the same project can be found at the bottom of the musical instruments page of the same site.
A photo documentary which follows the construction of a Flemish single harpsichord from a kit by a first time builder. Other projects made from kits by the same company can be found on their meet the builders page.
This blog style site looks at the construction of a double manual harpsichord from plans. It includes lots of detail and a few pictures on the project, which is currently a work in progress.
A brief look at a harpsichord project which was built from a kit through pictures and descriptions.
A very detailed description of various considerations necessary when building a harpsichord from scratch.
An article detailing the trials and triumphs faced by an amatuer in constructing an English bedside spinet.
The design and construction of a harpsichord made entirely, except for the wire strings, out of legos.
A few pictures of various keyboard instrument construction projects.