vent workshop
I have started selling custom instruments on my new website! Check out my latest projects here:
EOM Title
The concept behind this instrument was to arrange guitar parts for the electric octave mandolin and be able to play classic rock and hard rock with it as a possible guitar alternative.
Thumb Piano Title
The most common question about these relatively uncommon instruments has to be: Are thumb pianos anything like real pianos?
Mandolin No 001 Title
For my first acoustic mandolin project, I decided to build a relatively ambitious and untraditional design...
Mandolin No 002 Title
This project is a sequel to my first mandolin. Much like a movie sequel, I wonít need to use as much time on character development since you'll already be familiar with the main characters...
Electric Mandolin Title
My electric mandolin project started out as a much more complicated travel/ silent electric mandolin with a built in preamp and a compact speaker/ amplifier combo...
Hovercraft Title
...the hovercrafts really caught my attention. Something about the odd way hovercrafts slide across the ground like everything is covered in ice caused dreams of such a machine for me to pilot.
Motorbike Title
2-stroke powered scooters have become very popular.Unfortunately, Iím not the type that would just buy a commercially available scooter and be happy about it: I would have to build my own.
Flute Title
This flute design is a common one on the net, and for good reason. Not only is it simple to build, itís also relatively simple to learn and rewarding to play.