Mandolin Links

Materials and Parts
I bought most of the mandolin specific parts here.
This is where I got the tuning machines.
I haven't actually bought anything from here yet, but they seem to have some nice (yet expensive) wood.
Personal Mandolin Building Sites
This site has a lot of info on constructing all types of instruments, including a F5 Mandolin.
This site documents the construction of a F5 mandolin.
This site documents the construction of a F5 mandolin.
Construction details for two F5 Mandolin Projects and an electric mando project.
This site shows the construction of two mandolins, one built for Chris Thile, both made by Lynn Dudenbostel in 2001.
A mandozine article with some good info for the first time electric mandolin builder.
Other Mandolin Resources
Lots of useful info on everything about mandolins. It also has a large forum.
More useful info on every aspect of the mandolin lifestyle.
Similar to the above links, except focused specifically on electric mandolins.
Information on all types of stringed instruments.