The Neck

Traditionally on f style mandolins, ears are used to make up the full width of the peg head to save having to use an excessively wide piece for the neck. I did this on my mandolin too, even though the peg head is much smaller than an f style peg head.

The Template

AddHere is another one of those handy paper templates. I couldn't get the whole pattern on one piece of paper so I had to draw out the rest.

Side Profile

AddI used the bandsaw to cut out the side profile. The top of the neck was already planed flat and smooth to accept the fretboard.

Top Profile

Add AddThese are the ears I mentioned earlier being glued to the neck. When they dried, I belt sanded the top and bottom faces smooth, and glued on templates for the neck and peg head profiles . This was again cut out with the bandsaw. I used the piece cut out from the under the neck, while cutting the side profile, to hold the neck's top face parallel to the table of the bandsaw while cutting the top profile.

Drilling for the Tuners

AddThis picture is a bit decieving. I actually drilled the holes for the machines before I cut the profile so I had something to clamp onto.


AddThis is the "finished" neck before carving.

Next... making the rim.