Applying the Finish

Add Add I finished the mandolin in the same way as my previous mandolins again using wipe-on-poly. Blue masking tape was still effective for covering the area where the fretboard would be glued. I applied three coats with about 3hrs between the first and second coats as well as between the second and third coats. In-between coats I knocked down the shine and gently smoothed the finish with 0000 steel wool. I waited at least 12 hours before going over the finish the final time, again using 0000 steel wool. The longer dry time on the final coat ensures the finish is harder when you go over it with the steel wool, which then leads to a smoother finish. You can also polish the finish with a varnish polish and a clean cloth if you would like an even higher level of shine. Without polishing, the mandolinís finish came out to be around semi-gloss.

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