The Lip Plate

AddFor the lip plate, I used a 1/2 inch straight CPVC connector (They also make them for 1/2 inch PVC, but I havenít made a modified version of the G flute yet to see if it also improves that design as well.) These connectors are very cheap and, of course, fit the pipe perfectly. Unlike the end caps some homemade flutes use, the connector still allows you to place it anywhere on the pipe. The only difficulty in using them is the ridge in the center of the connector which is meant to stop the pipes youíre connecting from sliding all the way through. I used a round rasp to carefully remove the ridge so the connector could slip all the way over the pipe. With the connector in place, you can drill the embouchure as usual. I was worried about the connector slipping of, even though it fits snugly, but it hasnít been a problem. If this becomes an issue, a bit of glue meant for PVC or some epoxy would ensure it would stay in place.