Build an Electric Guitar

A descriptive, photo illustrated guide to the construction of a Les Paul style electric guitar.
An effective tutorial which follows Kathy Matsushita as she builds a Stratocaster.
A descriptive, step-by-step tutorial with many large pictures about a Telecaster project.
A custom guitar similar to an Ibanez RG7 is built in this descriptive, step-by-step guide through photos and commentary.
Photos compliment descriptions of the process to build a Strat on this journal style site.
This site shows the creation of a custom guitar as well as the customization of some otherwise stock guitars.
This project looks at the construction of a Mosrite built from scratch with pictures and descriptions.
A well illustrated site which includes a sections on design considerations and tools as well as a step-by-step tutorial.
A semi-hollow archtop electric guitar is constructed in this step-by-step tutorial. Includes pictures and descriptions.
Descriptions of a few different guitar projects are provided alongside other helpful related information.
This site contains a number of detailed, photo illustrated journal style project logs.
A large, high quality photo gallery of an electric guitar project.
A german website with many quality pictures detailing the construction with descriptions in German
Captioned pictures describe this electric guitar project. Also includes dimensioned drawings of the guitar being built.
Pictures show the construction of this electric guitar project, also described in German.
This site contains photo essays on building a few different instruments including a solid body electric guitar and a lap steel guitar. Also includes other related articles and tips.
A photo illustrated description of the construction of a Telecaster made from walnut and cherry.
The construction of a unique hollow bodied electric/ acoustic travel guitar is shown.
Three very thorough project gallaries including a PRS and two Telecasters.
A bunch of very detailed photo gallaries on various electric guitar projects.
Photo gallaries of various guitar projects which give an overview of the process used to build them.
A German page whos title translates to "Guitars from Stone" in english. This has got to be the most unusual electric guitar project on the internet! It includes a photo gallery of the construction process.
Information and Theory
A large site devoted to building and customizing electric guitars. Includes tutorials on a variety of different electric guitar related projects.
Three step-by-step restorations including two electric guitars and one archtop.