Build a Mandolin

A detailed, illustrated account of the simultaneous construction of two F5 mandolins.
A very thorough description of the construction process used to make two mandolins, one built for Chris Thile, both made by Lynn Dudenbostel in 2001.
A F5 style mandolin building guide with many photos of the three mandolins completed to date and the process which got them there.
A very detailed look at the construction of a builders first F5 mandolin project. Also has a few other instrument projects including an electric mandolin.
Kathy Matsushita's detailed, journal style account of her first carved-top, F5 style mandolin project.
A site about one persons journey into the world of lutherie. The author builds a flat-top, acoustic, four string mandolin...
This site shows the first F5 mandolin project of someone new to luthiery.
An informative article about a first experience making an electric mandolin.
This site documents the construction of a F5 built by professional luthier Will Kimble for a patron.
This detailed step-by-step site follows the construction of a mandola with both pictures and commentary.
The zouk, a celtic-style bouzouki, is tuned like an octave mandolin. This site provides a description of its construction along with a few construction photos. Other projects on this site can be found on the "workshop" page.
A photo gallery about the construction of an F5 mandolin built by Darrell Sheppard. Also check out his other gallery about another F5 mandolin he is building.
A brief description of the construction of an arch top mandolin.
Information and Theory
Look at a wide variety of different designs for alternative mandolin bridges. A step-by-step guide for making your own bridge is also included.
A couple of helpful F5 mandolin repair tutorials dealing with the fingerboard.
A wide variety of resources for luthiers.