Build a Ukulele

Watch Kathy Matsushita build a number of different ukuleles including a simple cigar box uke, two tenor ukes, one made entirely out of koa and a concert ukulele.
This well structured, photo-illustrated guide shows the steps and techniques in building a concert uke through the eyes of professional luthier Al McWhorter.
A journal style site with many high quality photos and an accompanying description of the ukulele making process.
A outline of the building process used by David `Kawika' Hurd to make his ukuleles.
An excellent tutorial with many large high-quality pictures which explains how to build a uke from a Stewart Macdonald kit.
A detailed journal with pictures covering a few different ukulele projects including two long scale tenor ukes and a suprano ukulele from a kit.
Pictures and step-by-step descriptions effectively illustrate how to build ukulele in this tutorial.
A description of a simple tupperware based ukulele.
Information and Theory
A wide variety of resources for luthiers.