Build a Violin/ Viola

Follow multiple violin making projects in a journal format as written by a hobbyist luthier.
A detailed picture gallery of a violin making project with commentary by the builder.
Luthier Nelle Doak O'Neill's step-by-step violin making project. It includes detailed descriptions and plenty of pictures.
This is a brief description of the violin making process by a violin maker form Dudley Violins & Guitars.
Kathy Matsushita's detailed, journal style account of her first violin project.
A very basic outline of the process of violin making is covered in a step-by-step format.
A very detailed desciption of violin making from a professional luthiers perspective.
A basic description of the steps involved in violin making at the Peter Prier Violin School.
A detailed, day by day accout of a violin makers process. It includes quality pictures and detailed descriptions.
Kathy Matsushita's violin making journal. A detailed account of her first violin making project.
An Italian website which follows a first time violin maker. It is written in Italian, but also has great pictures for non-speakers.
A very informative site with many high quality pictures created by a professional maker.
A written description of the violin making process by a professional luthier.
Large photes and descriptions show the process of viola making through the eyes of a professional maker.
An illustrated explanation of the basic steps involved in violin making.
The beginning steps to build a violin in an online lecture.
Large photos effectively outline the steps to build a violin, viola, cello or double bass bow (uses a violin bow as an example) from scratch.
Information and Theory
Other violin making resources and information from Michael Darnton.
An interesting look at the creation of the forms associated with a violin.
Basic violin family construction information and a list of various standard dimensions in milimeters.
A wide variety of resources luthiers.