Applying the Finish

Taping off the Neck

AddI used blue painters tape to protect the neck surface where the fingerboard would go. The tape blocked the finish effectively and it peeled right off when I was done finishing.

Applying the Finish

AddHere is the mandolin after one or two coats of finish. I used a wipe on polyurethane finish over the mandolin's entire surface. This finish is really easy to apply and dries in only a few hours. Some light sanding in between coats with 0000 steel wool was all that was required in between coats. It made finishing really quick and easy compared to many methods used on stringed instruments.


Add AddOverall, I used three or four coats over the entire mandolin. This made for a slight sheen, but didn't build up a thick layer of finish. This finish also makes for a nice natural feel on the neck.