Lessons Learned

Truss Rod

An adjustable truss rod would have been a much better way to go instead of the non-adjustable carbon fiber truss rod I used. Using only a carbon fiber truss rod leaves too much to chance without any way to easily change the shape of the neck. The flexibility a two way truss rodís adjustability allows is definitely worth the very limited added work of installing it. A carbon fiber truss rod also costs about the same as a two-way truss rod.

Peghead Painting

I should have used a very different method for painting the peghead. My first mistake was applying the color coat over the Deft. I also needed to tape the top off more carefully. For an illustrated description of how to get great results with this, check out this Project Guitar tutorial at http://www.projectguitar.com/tut/phs.htm.

Output Jack

On the next version, I plan on putting the output jack on the side of the body. I like the side mounted configuration better, mostly due to the slicker appearance. Side mounting the jack will also keep straight, right angle and 45 degree output cables out of the way equally as effectively while playing the instrument. Unlike my small and hard to hold first electric mandolin, a side mounted output jack is not likely to get in the way on this larger design since it is supported with the playerís thigh at the waist of the guitar when sitting.

Angled Peghead

I would like to try an angled peghead on the next version despite the cons I discussed earlier. First, I like the look of the angled peghead; they look very modern and just plain cool to me. They also result in an even break-over angle of all the strings without having to deal with string trees. I also discovered a more robust way to construct the scarf joint. After building this EOM, I had a chance to look at a number Ibanez guitars in person at a local music store. I noticed that the scarf joint on these guitars runs parallel to the peghead and appears further down on the neck as opposed to most acoustics I have seen where the scarf joint runs parallel to the neck.

Split Coils

One modification I was thinking of was wiring the guitar so that the center position of the switch would tap both humbuckers making them into single coils. Currently the mid position with both humbuckers isnít too interesting: It sounds very similar to either of the pickups alone. I would like to have access to a more funky tone which may be possible with split humbuckers. This position would still cancel noise and hum, and although it probably wonít sound anywhere near as funky as lower output single coils on a Stratocaster, it would hopefully be a very different tone. Although I could wire up my current EOM this way, I would need to install a different switch. Iíve seen rotary switches that would work and would nicely blend in with the potentiometers since they use the same knobs. Most three and five way switches meant for guitars would also work.